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KBW Residential Home for Boys is located in Columbus, Georgia. We are One Home in Four active locations, one sister location; Boyz to Men and one currently under construction:


KBW Residential Home provides the necessary structure to assist youth with rebuilding their lives. Staff are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We develop tailored individual treatment plans to address each youth’s needs. Staff works with youth to help eliminate risky behaviors and to develop responsibility, self-management, and leadership skills. Our program helps instill self-worth, build character and foster a positive outlook of the future.


Each home promotes responsibility among the youth. The house responsibilities and activities help foster a sense of community, participation and provide opportunities for contribution. Through activities that teach self care, life skills, money management, cooking, proper hygiene practices and home maintenance, youth develop lifelong skills and build responsibility for themselves and their environment.


KBW provides assistance in planning and preparing nutritionally balanced meals in collaboration with house residents. This includes preparation of special diets geared toward weight loss, healthy living and proper nutrition. KBW also provides support and guidance with medication management.


KBW believes that education is paramount to building a better life. The majority of our youth attend community schools, while others attend Odesseyware. KBW has two certified teachers. Staff works with youth daily to ensure their academic success. KBW receives assistance from the Title One Program, which provides after school tutoring throughout the school year and part of the summer. KBW also partners with Teen Works, a program which provides our over 15  year old young men with job opportunities during the summer months.


Counseling services are provided to youth. In counseling sessions, youth are able to work through issues such as anger, low self-esteem and maladaptive behaviors. Therapists help youth develop problem solving and decision making skills that will serve them throughout their lives.



If you are an agency in need of placement for a male in DHS or DJJ’s custody, please view our Referral and Admissions Packet and contact us at: 3575 Macon Road | Suite 20 | Columbus, GA 31907 | 706-940-0478



SUMMER MEALS for KIDS & TEENS - Being Served in Your Community!

To find a location near you, call 1-866-3-HUNGRY or click HERE


Timothy A Crumbley @ 706-681-1991 -Chief Executive Officer 



Sebrina Porter @  706-940-0478 - Corporate Compliance Officer & HR 



Tasha Mahone @ 706-358-9901 - Chief Operations Officer ( Referral &After Hours Contact)



Shelay Harris  - KBW Home 1-HSP

Danisha Brant KBW Home 1 HSP


Ricardo Martin - KBW Home 2 - HSP

JoAnn Gooch KBW Home 2- Director

VACANT - KBW Home 3 


Dwayne Lynes-Bell - KBW Home 4 - HSP


Donald Johnson - KBW Home 5 - Director


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